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IZY Event support

10 wounded on event after gas explosion

Food truck burnt out

Panic on pop festival by explosion

Festival visitors injured by conflagration

Festival cancelled after gas explosion


Prevention is better than cure

These are headlines wich you don’t want to read about an event in wich your are involved. Also as a food truck operator you don’t want to take these kind of risks.
I’d like to offer my excellent knowledge of the legislation to entrepreneurs and festival organizers to make events more safe.

What can we do for you?

We settle an agreement on behalf of the eventorganization for the gas supply. From that moment on there is safetycontrol and compliance with the legislation. If desired we consult the local government so that they are informed about the safetymeasures that are taken. This only benefits your relationship with authorities!
After that, my team will be present at your event in order to distribute the gas cylinders. We also advise and, if necessary, correct the user about connections and use of gas cylinders.
By taking these measures we support your responsibility.

What is often wrong:

  • LPG tanks filled at the local gas station. (Since 01-01-2016 prohibited by Dutch law!)
  • Inpropiate connections
  • Materials whose approval has expired
  • Impure propane gas
  • Overstocking in the proximity of the cooking area