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Gas brokerage




a Gas broker?! Why?

In recent times I have noticed that many company owners need all their attention to to keep the company at a good postion in the market. This may be necessary if the economy increases but also in competition. By supporting entrepreneurs and help them to make good choices in gas and supplier the broker concept was born.

Let’s make it easier!

Are you tired of always looking for the best gas supplier for your great company?
Would you like to you just deal with what you prefer doing?
Then talk to me. I know the market by heart and would like to acquaint myself with your work and working methods. Afterwords I’d like to find the supplier that best suits your needs. That could be with that one special mixed gas to use for best welding results every time. But also if you wish to have filled your propane tank safely and at the best price.

I would like to visit you!